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Learning Management System (LMS)

فرصة لمؤسستك التعليمية في تنظيم وتنسيق ودعم جميع الأنشطة الإدارية والأكاديمية بطريقة فعّالة ومنهجية


There are numerous responsibilities for each educational institution to fulfill. We need to automate and complete all the hectic and perplexing work with the aid of an easy decision-making system Jo Academy learning management system enables your learning institution to perform all the tasks in a controlled and systematic manner.

Users of the Jo Academy LMS solution have access to a variety of tools for managing all administrative and academic duties associated with a learning institution, including scheduling, staff management, and student administration. Additionally, it gives the capacity to design learning and assessment materials for providing and managing the learner's learning path with the best results and the least amount of work to ensure that all stakeholder's time is valued.

The Jo Academy LMS solution will replace the paper-based data collecting and information exchange system among the numerous stakeholders in the educational institution and offers a creative approach to the challenges of record-keeping that currently face educational institutions.

JOAcademy LMS Stakeholder's view

An LMS stakeholder reacts to the learning institution's environment and has a direct influence on the educational environment, each in its own way. These stakeholders are responsible for key actions that form each learning institution's processes, from enrollment to graduation and everything in between, such as registering students, recording discipline, student assessment and certification, recording student attendance, producing timetables, managing student information, generating reports, and so on. As a result, table 2.0 below describes the current systems major stakeholders.

Stakeholder Role


  • Monitoring the system operations, managing users (create, edit and delete), etc. 
  • The administrator can edit, delete, and update the data of the students or faculty members, etc 
  • Monitor and evaluate the educational outcome
  • Collect feedback from all stakeholder


The full cycle of any learning activity can be implemented into JO Academy LMS, beginning with communication technology to monitor class attendance and behavioral comments, to get student feedback by doing various forms of assessments such as homework, classwork, online and offline exams, and to enrich the learning cycle with the most advanced technologies to aid the student with different learning bases and insert grades, generate report cards, and stream live lectures if needed.


The full cycle of any learning activity can be implemented into JO Academy LMS from the student perspective, starting with receiving feedback for your class activity from attendance and behavioral perspective to studying using advanced technology to get all the needed knowledge at your own pace, to doing various types of assessments, previewing your grades and report card, and watching live streaming lessons.


As a parent, you can review and monitor your child's learning and academic performance, as well as gather feedback for all aspects of the learning activity, such as attendance, behavior, grades, and report cards, from a single centralized solution.


Allows teachers to create and manage online courses, including uploading content, creating assignments, and creating assessments.

Includes tools for communication between teachers and students, such as email, SMS , and instant messaging.

Allows teachers to upload and deliver content to students, such as documents, videos, and audio files.

Includes tools for creating and administering quizzes, exams, and other assessments, as well as a system for grading and tracking student performance.

Allows teachers to track student progress and view reports on their performance, such as grades, attendance, and completion of assignments.

scheduling: Includes a calendar feature that allows teachers to schedule classes, assignments, and exams, and for students to view their schedules.

Allows administrators to create and manage user accounts, assign roles and permissions, and control access to different features and resources.

A media library that stores and organizes learning resources such as videos, images, and audio files, making them easy to find and use in course materials.

Provides teachers with data on student performance and engagement, such as time spent on specific activities, quiz scores, and course completion rates.

Allows teachers and administrators to generate reports on student performance, course completion, and system usage, as well as export data for further analysis.

Allows LMS stakeholders to access courses and resources from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Allows institutions to customize the look and feel of the LMS to match their brand and style guidelines.

Allows for the LMS to be used by users with different languages, providing support for different languages for interface.

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