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Interactive learning is a technique that uses technology to get student's actively involved in the learning process. ACTIVOD enable educators to evaluate educational outputs with technology giving them accesses to tools that expand the scope of their lessons and improve student learning. Anything else should be put on the back burner.


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ACTIVOD technology include instructional software, online learning environments, virtual reality simulations, and cooperative learning settings, The purpose of interactive learning technology is to develop entertaining and engaging learning experiences that can aid students in comprehending and remembering knowledge better, as well as to promote teamwork and critical thinking, and this is a guaranteed output in ACTIVOD.

What is ACTIVOD?

ACTIVEVOD is an interactive learning technology, enables content administrators to educational, communication and AI tools to a certain location in the media of the content that is displayed to Advance ,Contribute Transform and Interact Videos On Demand of the educational filed and any filed



  • Fill in the Blanks: Create a task with missing words in a text.
  • Create True/False questions.
  • Essay: Create an essay with instant feedback.
  • Drag and Drop: Create drag and drop tasks with images.
  • Advanced user role & permission/ Multiple users accounts.
  • Activity log & statistics.
  • Attractive modern & responsive interface
  • Fill the blank: Fill in the missing word.
  • Image Blender: Create a sequence of images that gradually
  • Accordion: Create vertically stacked expandable items
  • Course Presentation: Create a presentation with interactive slides.
  • Summary: Create tasks with a list of statements
  • Drag the Words: Create text-based drag and drop tasks
  • Flashcards: Create stylish and modern flashcards
  • Guess answer: Create an image with a question and answer
  • Arithmetic quizzes: Create time-based arithmetic quizzes
  • Sort the Paragraph: Create a set of paragraphs to be sorted
  • Complex fill the blank: Fill in the missing words
  • Audio Recorder: Create an audio recording
  • Speak the word: Answer a question using your voice
  • Speak the word set: A series of questions answered by speech
  • Virtual Tour 360
  • AR : Augmented reality fun!
  • Memory Game: Create the classic image pairing game
  • Interactive Book : Create courses, books or tests

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